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Breakfast At Krishna's

Benito's first play, a black tragicomedy based around the late Newtown Hare Krsna kitchen that for many years fed the bums, students, artists and freaks of inner-western Sydney. Produced and Directed by Trisha Starrs, and staring Benito's "Bardflys" co-host and then Triple J Poet Tug Dumbly as the debauched failed poet Napoleon Hangover, who along with his feral compoetriate Philasophigas attempts to avoid the horror of gainful employment. Over their midday breakfast at the Krsna kitchen they come up, and act upon, a plan involving stolen Volvos, Malemute dogs, feral backpackers, and Adolf McOffal, patron of Stanmore McOffals, the largest burger joint in the southern hemisphere. Armed with nought but bad poetry not all goes to plan. Whitnail & I meets Dog Day Afternoon in the weird trip.

Napoleon Hangover - Tug Dumbly.

Philasophigas - Maurie Barlen.

Krsna girl/Burger Babe/Nurse - Regina Botros.

McOffal Manager - Sarah Browne.

Cop - Glen Phillips.

Directed by Trisha Starrs.

"Breakfast At Krishna's" played to sold out audiences at Sydney's Tap Gallery in 2000

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