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Petite Suite 2022 - Live True-Crime Historical Podcast: "The Outrage Of Woolloomooloo" 

Benito Di Fonzo and Melita Rowston created a live historical crime podcast, with live original music, sound effects and narration, as part of a site-specific response project. 

Benito and Melita created the project, using the history of the location, the historic East Sydney Hotel (formerly The Shamrock)

in Woolloomooloo, whilst living in a hotel room there, and performed it live five times a night over the week to small audiences rotating between the hotel's rooms (each of which contained a unique performance.) 

Created by Brand X as part of a grant from The City Of Sydney, to help reactive the city and the arts in the 2022 release from Covid. 

Benito and Melita's show was a true-crime historical telling of the crime known as, "The Outrage of Woolloomooloo," the murder of Lizzie Phillips. (See rehearsal sans audience video below.)

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