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short plays

NB: Shorts are available for free perusal and performance upon application to the author.

Dandenong Magpies & the Boy Who Ran With Lizards, with Stephen Wilkinson for Political Hearts of Children (Subtlenuance) 2013.

(Click for Australian Stage review.)​

One Day In The Life of Keef: The Human Riff

Griffringe, Griffin Theatre, 2012.

The Chronic Ills of Robert Zimmerman (Short version)

Short & Sweet 2008.

9/11 Conspiracy: The Musical.

Short & Sweet 2007 (Finalist, Peoples' Choice Winner Week 4, Finalist, Winner Best New Talent.)

I'm Frightened & I Want My Money

Short & Sweet 2005


Short & Sweet 2004.

Naked, With a Blue Light

Short & Sweet 2003

Pokie Face

Short & Sweet 2002.

Best of Short & Sweet (VCA, Sydney Opera House, 2004)

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