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Hey! Yeah! It's Molly's Travelling Worm Show!

"... the foul-mouthed sarcasm from puppeteer Benito Di Fonzo is amusing..."                                        

                                                     The Age


"Puppets are masterfully 'wrangled' by Benito Di Fonzo"



"Puppeteer di Fonzo animates the likes of Ossie Ostrich and Maude the Crow, often dishing out snide comments that just might steal the show."


                                                     Arts Hub


"Rowston's puppet companions are aged versions of Ozzie the Ostrich and Claude the Crow had they spent the good part of their retirement in pubs. Manned by Benito Di Fonzo, they are ruffled with hilariously looser tongues, providing the audience some good laughs throughout"                                            



Follow your dreams … no matter how shit they are.

Once upon a time, a tiny Victorian town called Korumburra faced perilous economic decline, until a group of locals decided to capitalise on what they had bigger and better than anyone else in the world – a giant worm.

One hundred metres of pink material, two golf buggy wheels and a roll of poly pipe later, Karmai, the giant pink worm puppet was born. Manipulated by hundreds of worm boys and girls, this blind, deaf and boneless folk hero took the world by storm!

Enchanted and disturbed by childhood memories of road trips to ‘Big Things’, your intrepid host Melita “Molly” Rowston goes on a fantastical journey into Worm Country. Trapped in a cheap motel room with a talking tree and a mangy ostrich, Molly hopes to unearth a local legend that will teach her to live the life she once imagined.

Reminiscent of an 80’s variety TV show (Shirl’s Neighbourhood meets Twin Peaks), HEY! HEY! YEAH! IT’S MOLLY’S TRAVELLING WORM SHOW! is a colourful, kooky and dream-like celebration guaranteed to cure all through the miraculous powers of self-belief and her own brand of Shit Tourism.

Melita Rowston and Malthouse Theatre present

Writer/Performer Melita Rowston
Director Phillip Rouse
Performer Narda Shanley

Puppeteer Benito Di Fonzo


Lighting/Effects Designer Richard Whitehouse
Production Assistant Fern GeorgeWorm Charmer Melita Rowston 

Dramaturg Augusta Supple

WARNING: Contains puppetry, graphic depictions of Australian variety TV stars and bubbles. Souvenirs will be available for purchase.

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