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Print Journalism


Benito has written for several publications including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sun Herald and CNN.

- Bong Joon-Ho interview (SMH)

- Tim Minchin interview (SMH)

- The Chaser interview (SMH)

- Jason Reitman interview (SMH)

- Dean Semler interview (SMH)

- Simon Stone interview (CNN)

- Meow Meow interview (SMH)

- Pam Ayres interview (SMH)

- Razorhurst article (CNN)

- Brendan Cowell & Toby Schmitz interview (SMH)

- Adam Hills interview (SMH)

- Martin Csokas interview (SMH)

- Bukowksi on Film feature (SMH)

- Italian Film Festival (SMH)

- Danny Bhoy interview (SMH)

- John Dullagon "Bukowski: Born Into This" feature (SMH)

- Jay Ryan & Jeremy Lindsay interview (SMH)

- Rick Viede interview (SMH)

- The Mafiosa in The Willows (SMH)

- Peter Hellier (SMH)

- Hip Hop 4 Dumeez (SMH)

- Meets Sydney's Buskers feature (SMH)

- Who Killed The Electric Car? (SMH)

- Newtown Cheat Sheet (Ciao Magazine)

- Hip Hop Theatre/Morganics feature (SMH)

- The Lonesome West (Toby Schmitz, Travis Cotton, Peter Carstairs) (SMH)

- Spicks & Speck-Tacular (SMH)

- Gilgamesh theatre preview (SMH)

- Denis Decourt "La Tourneuse de pages" interview (SMH)

- Martin Henderson "Flyboys" interview (SMH)


- Bob Dylan article (SMH)


- 2015 Devonshire Street Tunnel Busking rights investigation

- Young Henry's Brewery profile. (Neighbourhood) 

- Great Wog Boozes of the Inner West (growing up Irish-Italian in Sydney and making alcohol with my old man) (Neighbourhood)

- Satirical article on LNP for The Chaser.

- Satirical article on COVID-19 restrictions for The Chaser.

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